Sugar Free Easter Basket Ideas

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Sugar Free Easter Basket Ideas

On Easter the kids can get overwhelmed by candy, chocolate, jelly beans and marshmallow who-knows-whatsies.  I still remember a picture of me when I was my daughter’s age – face covered in chocolate and the Easter basket overflowing with sugary gobs galore.  As a mom, I admit to secretly obtaining and sneakily eating creme-eggs when I can.   Holidays are unique events when we can splurge but they are also great opportunities to build new traditions.

I won’t be ignoring my sweet tooth altogether on Easter, but I hope to find a nice balance to celebrate a candy-laden holiday in a way that brings joy and sparks creativity.

It can be even SWEETER, I say!

These are the ideas I’ve gleaned so far. Enjoy!

Adorable mini felted stuffed animals by Mostly Mammals on Etsy

Pluff Mudd Studio details how to make these cute cracker carrot bags.  I think using Annie’s cheddar bunnies would be perfect!

 Coloring Pages are always fun because kids can work on them a little at a time or create a masterpiece all at once.  Just print ’em out, roll em’ up and tie with a pretty ribbon.

Hopping Down the Bunny Trail Mix by Barbara Beery Kids Cooking

A little nest of homemade play-dough eggs by Tales of an Aussie Mum.  These colors are so lovely and earthy that I can’t wait to play with them too!

All you need is some pretty plant material and sunshine to create a special Sunprint.  For Small Hands is a great resource for child-sizes items of every kind.

And no Easter basket for a girl would be complete without a little flower adornment to wear for the festivities!  (and enjoy whenever she fancies)

These are my favorite Spring designs…

Periwinkle Elastic Headband

Teal Ribbon Button Hair Tie 

Apple Blossom Hair Clip

Violet Fairies Scrabble Tile Pendant Necklace

Daffodil Hair Clips 

Calla Lily Barrette 

 Hop on over to my Etsy shop to see more handmade adornments for girls…

Dancing Petal Design

Other ideas for sugar-free goodies to fill up the basket: stickers, bubbles, art supplies/craft kits, books, games, a kite, seeds and gardening tools, flower press kit

Enjoy some homemade sweetness…

This pancake is almost too cute to eat

we might try these Confetti Easter Egg Muffins from Barbara Beery Kids Cooking

and I can’t help but share a creative way to enjoy those eggs that were so lovingly decorated, hidden, sought out and discovered


 I’m looking forward to creating a super sweet Easter basket for my kids.

Do you have any favorite sugar free goodies that you like to stuff in Easter baskets?  Please share!


  1. Thanks for the tips! Very helpful and always a good idea to cut back on sugar when we can!

  2. This is a great post, thanks!

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